I can't imagine that there's a more knowledgeable tour guide for Arlington Cemetery:  Allen knows ALL!   A most enjoyable and informative 3 hours, money well spent.

Les Davison

Vietnam Veteran


November 2021


I truly enjoyed Monumental Walks' Arlington National Cemetery guided tour.   Our guide Allen's deep knowledge of, and passion for Arlington made for truly engaging storytelling and a fascinating tour.   Every headstone has a story and Allen chose to highlight a wide variety of heroes, ranging from the Kennedy eternal flame to lesser known fallen, but each story was unique and respectfully told, and hearing them all made our Arlington experience that much richer.    Allen welcomed questions and even made accommodations to help one of our group find and visit a relative's gravesite.   Every American should visit Arlington and with Allen as a guide will leave richer, wiser and proud.    Thank you Allen for a great tour!



November 2021


Having Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund Board Member and Volunteer Allen McCabe as our tour guide made a perfect day for a walk around the National Mall even more perfect!  Allen captivated the imaginations of everyone - adults and children alike - in our Office of the U.S. Air Force Surgeon General family group with his vivid storytelling of the historical symbolism, people, and events represented by each of the nine monuments we visited.

Many thanks, Allen!   You make the walking tour a truly enjoyable and educational experience for all of us while remembering and honoring our nation's heroes.

Jack Jensen, Colonel (Retired), U.S. Army

Family member, Office of the U.S. Air Force Surgeon General

October 2021

(note - while Allen is a VVMF Board Member and a National Park Service Volunteer, this tour was conducted by Allen as the owner of Monumental Walks LLC - and was a paid tour)


"Allen was amazing!  He is engaging and has a passion for the history of all the monuments."    Groupon review


February 2020


Monuments are silent, yet Allen McCabe brings them alive with his depth of knowledge of American history. He takes us into their private conversations by setting a scene for us and exposing all the vulnerabilities of their times. Allen takes us through multiple presidencies and four wars. He draws us into the statues’ private moments as we contemplate and reflect on their legacies. The war memorials were somber and we gained a greater appreciation of the sculptors’ designs. We are very appreciative of Allen’s commitment to making history come alive for the next generation. His tour resonated with us deeply and we are truly the benefactors of such a rich history. Allen’s outdoor tour was the best part of DC! Don’t leave DC without spending a few hours with Allen!


New York City

December 28, 2019


Allen's "Freedom" monuments walk is simply incredible. I was fortunate to tag along as a Scout parent as he toured a group of Boy Scouts this past Saturday. Allen skillfully captured the group's attention with a thoughtful question at each stop, then opened up the discussion with facts about the monument, its creator, and the history surrounding it. He brought along a book of photos to add to the experience and Allen answered all of the boys' questions. His breadth and depth of knowledge is astounding. Professional, respectful, fun - Allen is a truly amazing guide!

Thanks again for all you did and for your over 10,000 hours of volunteer service! You are an amazing man and we all benefited from your experiences.


Colonel, United States Army

Office of the Surgeon General, Falls Church, VA

25-November 2019


Knowing you and how committed you are about everything you get involved with, gave me a very high expectations for our tour.  You far exceeded my expectations. I could write 30 pages about what we saw and did over the 4 hours we spent together.  I don’t want you to get a big head about this new endeavor of yours, but you have every right to have a big head.


Your knowledge of American History coupled with your knowledge of Washington DC, The Mall, and it’s Memorials brings life to our Nations Capital.  Everything we saw was viewed through the eyes and the foot prints of our founding fathers and the other great leaders of our Nation. My take away  experience of the day was filled with the heart and soul of these great men.


Your tour last Sunday made an Old Man think back on his youth and rediscover why he studied American History.


Keep up the good work.


“Be Well – My Friend”!

Ron - Pennsylvania.    November 2019


I cannot thank you enough for the outstanding tour your gave this past weekend of the western mall and tidal basin monuments.  All I kept saying that afternoon was “WOW! …how did he learn all that?”. Your ability to combine and connect each monument’s subject, design, and architecture to the events of our nation’s history is mind blowing.  …and then combine that with the history and building of our nation’s capital, AMAZING!  Every American History teacher should take your tour.  I can’t wait for the next one.


“…should I take something out?”   Are you kidding?  I want more!!!  I will definitely pass your information along to anybody I know who is planning to visit Washington DC and especially our school district to have you included in their annual 8th grade trip.


Thank you again my friend.  I am looking forward to the next one and can only dream of being able to repay the favor.


John Rihn, Pennsylvania

November 2019


Thank you for an outstanding walking tour on Sunday, November 10, 2019. As a visitor to Washington, I had visited many of the places we visited on Sunday in the past, but missed out on all the details you provided at each memorial. Your research and attention to detail greatly added to the experience of visiting each memorial. I will be happy to recommend this walking tour to my friends and family.



Bill Walters

Fairfax, VA

November 2019


"Outstanding tour.   Our guide, Allen McCabe, was extremely knowledgeable and entertaining.   The 3 1/2 - 4 hour tour is well worth the time and you will come away with a thorough understanding of the national mall and monuments.    We will definitely recommend your tour to family and friends."

Bob Fano, Virginia

November 2019


"Allen McCabe's knowledge of DC history and the monuments is above reproach!  His mix of history you can find in books and special interest factoids keep all ages entertained. The time flew, I learned more about the monuments and history behind them in 4 hours than most learn in a lifetime, and we had a beautiful walk around our nation's capital. This is a must do for anyone visiting DC or local residents wanting to learn more from a true historian with a great sense of humor! Highly recommend!!!"

Brigadier General Sharon Bannister, United States Air Force

November 2019


"Allen's knowledge of the Monuments and Memorials and his presentation style kept my attention the entire time.   The tour was filled with interesting facts on the history of the city, the design of the District of Colombia and the National Mall, and in-depth discussions of each Memorial and insights into Washington.   It is the perfect way to learn about our Nation's Capital.   This is time well spent for the first time visitor, and for those who are here on a regular basis."

Michael McMahon, West Windsor, NJ

September 2019


"Allen McCabe's tour of the memorials on the National Mall is a must-do for those looking for a more in-depth look than can be obtained through guidebooks. Allen has been volunteering at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial for 20 years. He is articulate, thorough, humorous,  and hones in on what makes each memorial special.  DO yourself a favor and schedule one of his tours, you can't go wrong."

Dan Moore, McLean, VA

September 2019


"Allen McCabe of Monumental Walks gives an in depth tour of the National Mall with clarity, fun facts and an enjoyable "walk around".  I would highly recommend Monumental Walks to anyone who loves history and especially the National Park Mall here in the historic city of Washington, DC.  Allen's work is an incredible value and will be cherished by those who use his service."  


--Bill Shugarts, NPS Docent, Vietnam Veteran, Fawn Lake Veterans Group Leader, No One Left Behind Board Member, Families of the Wounded Fund Board Member--

September 2019


"Thank you for the monument tour. While touring all of the sites, you shared historical info that made them even more fascinating.  Thank you for being so knowledgeable. You are doing an important thing when you teach the history of each of these important episodes in our nation's history. And you do it well!"

Thank you,  Lois Deaver          Georgia      July 2019


"Allen, I want to thank you for the tour we took this past week of the monuments. You were extremely knowledgeable, pleasant, and I learned a lot about America's history. The National Park Service is fortunate to have you as a guide in Washington of the monuments."   (Note - while Allen does still volunteer for the National Park Service, the walk was done by his company, Monumental Walks, not as a Park Service representative)

Diane Smith           Atlanta, Georgia         July 2019


"I recently went to DC for a conference and took several friends with me. Most of them had not seen the city and I wanted them to see our capital and understand its history. I asked another friend who goes to DC once a month volunteering as a guide at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, if he would show us around all the monuments. He told me that he wanted us to have the best guide in DC to get the full benefit of the experience and had me contact Allen. It takes a long time and a lot of patience to herd six women around the Washington Mall, but Allen's knowledge of history made those monuments come alive and the time flew by. I would recommend Allen's tours to anyone going to our capital!"

Kathy Respess         Atlanta, Georgia    July 2019


"Thank you for an amazing tour! You could have rushed us through to stick to the timeline, but you didn't, and that was so appreciated.   Today was the best day of our trip, largely in part due to your tour. We will keep your name handy to recommend to anyone visiting DC."

 Thanks, Beth and Josh       Atlanta, GA    30-June 2019


"I wanted to thank you for the dedication and detailed knowledge you provided us about all of the monuments. You added contextual information to each memorial - and without these facts it would not be possible to appreciate all the concepts behind each site and the message of its creator. Our family truly enjoyed the tour and we will definitely recommend it to anyone who will be visiting Washington D.C. Our granddaughters spoke about the tour all the way back to New York City and I am sure they will have a permanent and beautiful memory of the trip."

Hector and Ernestina Pina      New York, NY      June 2019


"We had a great time on our walking tour of our national monuments and memorials. The tour was very informative and we had a great time. It was one of the highlights of our trip to Washington D.C. We would highly recommend it."

Carlos and Maria M.    Sacramento, CA     June 2019


"Thank you, Allen, for an informative, enjoyable, and inspirational tour. Your passion for American History is greatly appreciated. My local friend was equally impressed and is changing her jogging route based on our walk! So glad I found you and hope to experience an Arlington Cemetery Tour one day."

Lisa  (from Louisiana),   May 2019


“We cannot say enough about how informative, entertaining and inspiring Allen McCabe (Monumental Walks) is as a Tour Guide for Washington DC monuments. We booked  our tour with Allen McCabe from a recommendation from an expert at the Vietnam Memorial.  I'm so glad we did!  The tour included the 7 monuments and over 3 hours of nonstop educational and entertaining information.  Allen McCabe is not only is an expert on these topics but on so many others related to Arlington/DC history  that no matter what question we asked he was able to provide us with accurate and informative information.  What a bonus! Not only does he provide this expertise he is a consummate professional and a captivating  storyteller.  He makes the time of the monuments come to life and leaves you  wanting to know more!  In fact his tour was so wonderful we went back a second time when our family came to visit!  It never felt redundant!  We are planning to take more family members on the tour with Allen and look forward to our continual education of United States history! If you are looking for an amazing, inspiring and enjoyable tour don’t use anybody else but Allen!"

Diane and Larry Fletcher, Virginia,     May 2019


My wife and two daughters were privileged to be able to spend an incredible day at our U.S. National Mall in Washington D.C., for a tour hosted by Allen McCabe. Mr. McCabe has a passion for history, and is able to describe and relay our Nation's historical events with a smooth voice and even pace. The "3-hour tour" is not a ship wreck and worth every minute! You know the tour had to be good when your two teenage daughters were not continually on their phones, or asking if we're done yet. The tour of our nation's National Mall and monuments hosted by Allen McCabe made for a memorable day that our family will never forget.

Dave M.
Edmonds, WA

Allen McCabe is an absolutely fantastic tour guide.  Really a 5 out of 5 star experience. I have traveled to the Washington D.C. area for years and have been in the city more than a couple dozen times.  I love the city, the history, the significance of our nation’s capital, the historical documents, the capital, and especially the monuments. Having been to the area so often, I believed I was fairly knowledgeable regarding the monuments and the story of their history and significance. I was so wrong! When my wife and sister decided to join me while in the DC area I reached out to Mr. McCabe to take us on a walking tour of the memorials and Arlington cemetery.  Allen has volunteered to work the Vietnam Memorial on weekends for many years, so that’s where we started. The tour was a real education for all of us and helped me realized just how much I didn’t know about these beautiful memorials. We covered all the main memorials, Arlington Cemetery as well as receiving suggestions on the Smithsonian’s many museums. Allen McCabe’s demeanor, quick wit, humor and in-depth knowledge makes him a fantastic tour guide. My wife and I recommend Allen to anyone looking  for an awesome tour guide in the DC area!


Randy and Gayle Sue , Idaho Falls, Idaho


Allen is an extremely knowledgeable tour guide. He doesn't just rattle off facts, but rather tells a story. You'll find yourself wanting to hear more. We found him hard to stump, and my husband is a history buff! There is no question he can't answer. It's clear from listening to Allen that he lives and breathes this stuff, and he loves to share what he knows. From interesting details that most folks miss (like where the WWll 'Kilroy' drawing is) to a new spin on information you might already know, Allen has you covered. I recommend his tour whenever a friend says they are traveling to DC. You really can't go wrong.


Sue B.

Clarksburg, MD